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Secondary School

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FuseNet PhD Event 2015

The beautiful city of Prague hosts the 5th edition of the FuseNet PhD event from 15-18 November 2015, and aims to bring together all European PhD students in fusion.

Luxherta Buzi - Research visit to San Diego

Luxherta Buzi has visited the sunny San Diego to perform experiments at PISCES device at the University of California. FuseNet provided financial support for this trip.

52nd Culham Plasma Physics Summer School

Prof. Steve Cowley will open the 52nd edition of the Culham Plasma Physics Summer School which will be held from 13 - 24 July 2015.

Toon Weyens - ITER Research Visit

Toon Weyens has spent two months working at the ITER Organization. He reports on the work he has done and on the inspiring interaction he had with experts in his field.

Summer School on Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to Saint Petersburg from 6 to 17 July 2015 for the Summer School on Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion.

Glenn Jones - Educational visit to Les Houches

Glenn Jones tells us about his visit to the beautiful Alps where he attended a course on modelling techniques for materials science, with support by FuseNet.

Maximilian Messmer - PhD visit to KSTAR

Maximilian Messmer reports on his research visit to the Korean tokamak KSTAR, that was financially supported by FuseNet.

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2015

This year's edition of the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition in London will feature an exclusive exhibit on Fusion Science and Technology by Tokamak Energy!

Plasma Heating and Current Drive Course

The 2015 edition of ENEA's school on fusion reactor technology starts next week. The topic will be Plasma Heating and Current Drive and the course is suitable for both students and seniors in the field.


In 2016 the annual ITER Business forum will take place from 8-10 Feb., as usual in Monaco. The event provides a nice opportunity to get updated on the latest technology developments and get in touch with industry.