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Secondary School

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FuseNet PhD Event 2015

The beautiful city of Prague hosts the 5th edition of the FuseNet PhD event from 15-18 November 2015, and aims to bring together all European PhD students in fusion.

Reports from the 2015 IPP Summer University

The 2015 edition of the IPP Summer University was attended by many motivated students. They learned a lot about plasma physics and nuclear fusion, were inspired by each other and had a lot of fun. Read about the experiences of the students who were funded by FuseNet here.

Internships at the IPP institute in Greifswald

David Méndez, Gijs Akkermans and Selwyn Cats all went to the Max-Planck-Institute in Greifswald to do a Wendelstein 7-X related internship. Read about their experiences in this edition of 'Powered by FuseNet'.

LENR keeps drawing investors

Despite the lack of any concrete scientific evidence, there seems to be no lack of funding for unproven technologies such as Andrea Rossi's eCAT.

Zakaria Azdad - Internship at Basel University

Zakaria Azdad always had a dream to work on a project related to ITER, for which he even took on a second master degree. EUROfusion & FuseNet helped him in achieving his dream by providing financial support.

MIT proposes ARC reactor

Recently, we have seen multiple initiatives that were launched to push down the scale and cost of a fusion reactor, to work towards a commercial reactor that is cost effective. With ARC, a team at MIT adds one more compact tokamak design to this list.

2015 ITER International School

From 14 - 18 December 2015, the ITER International School will take place at the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei. Read more about it here.

Peter Rindt - Graduation Project Princeton

Peter Rindt did his graduation project at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. He shares a lot of tips about going to the USA. His project was partially funded by FuseNet.

Antonio Gurciullo - 52nd Culham Summer School

Antonio Gurciullo joined the 52nd edition of the Culham Summer School. The experience enhanced his motivation and amibition to join the plasma physics research world. Antonio was financially supported by FuseNet.

Alexander S. Christensen - 52nd Culham Summer School

Alexander Simon Christensen attended the 52nd Culham Plasma Physics Summer School and had a blast. He learned a lot about plasma physics and made many new friends. He was financially supported by FuseNet.