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FuseNet — The European Fusion Education Network

The European Fusion Education Network

The Easiest Thing Nature Does

Infuse. Inspire!

FuseNet launched a new video. “The easiest thing nature does” tells the story of the challenging quest for fusion energy, narrated by the people that make it happen. The camera (beautifully instrumented by Polarmedia) zooms into the cosmos of fusion scientists; and it zooms out looking into its potential to deliver safe and abundant energy.

This film is to be seen as an introduction to fusion energy. So please use it. Show it. And be infused!

Vacancy: FuseNet Student Council

Do you want to be more involved in the promotion of fusion education in Europe? Do you have ideas on how to make the fusion scientific community bigger? Do you want to give input as a student to FuseNet? Then join the FuseNet Student Council, by using the link below for more information and application!

Who are we?

The FuseNet Association

The FuseNet Association was founded to be a platform for the coordination of European fusion education in 2010. And that is what we have been doing ever since. Rooted in academia, we are driven by the notion that the students of now will be the researchers, engineers and pioneers of the future. By connecting and facilitating educators and students across Europe, we build on this understanding. We want to make fusion the place to be for bright and motivated people. By connecting academia with industry and supporting student mobility we stimulate fusion students to get in touch with the work field.

Research institutes
Industry members

Introduction to nuclear fusion

Photo: ITER Organization/EJF Riche.

Fusion begins with a remarkably simple nuclear reaction but quickly turns into one of mankind's greatest challenges. Interested in learning why?

A filled lecture hall during a lecture
What do we do?

Education is our core business

Education is our core business. We actively support workshops and educational events across Europe for students of all levels. A portal for all things fusion education, our website provides up-to-date information on interesting workshops and educational events for fusion students. Through our expansive network, we additionally have access to a carefully curated body of fusion-educational materials. Not only do we provide for BSc, MSc and PhD students, we also have a lot of interesting information for teachers at any stage of education: primary school, secondary school and university.


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Who do we work with?

A European network at heart

The diversity of our members reflects the diversity of the European fusion community. Through a mix of university, research institute and industry members, FuseNet brings together everyone working in fusion. Fusion faces a great many challenges still, and to tackle those we need highly motivated engineers, reseachers and fusion advocates. FuseNet embodies the understanding that, to make fusion a success, we first and foremost have to train the people to do that. Through our international collaboration FuseNet and its members seek to empower students and the fusion workforce.


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A group of PhD students at the ITER site
A group of PhD students at the ITER site
Empowering the future fusion workforce

Internship matchmaking and funding

To train the future fusion workforce requires more than textbooks and lectures alone. FuseNet actively stimulates students involved in fusion to embark on an internship as part of their education. Through our university, research institute and industry members, we give students and young scientists access to a wide range of internships at state-of-the-art facilities across the continent. Through our Powered by FuseNet funding schemes, we also provide support for fusion-related internships across many disciplines.


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Interested in joining FuseNet?

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