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ANNETTE Summer School 2018

The ANNETTE (Advanced Networking for Nuclear Education, Training and Transfer of Exerpetise) Summer School will take place between 24-30 of June 2018 at the University of Turku, Finland.

The transition of fusion

The European ambition is to bring fusion electricity to the grid by 2050 and to realize this, the fusion development programme is making the transition from a non-nuclear to nuclear technology. The ANNETTE summer school aims to facilitate this transition, by providing a training on the specific nuclear aspects of fusion: the issues concerning the neutron irradiation, material damages, tritium breeding, tritium handling and safety, radio-active waste, and nuclear codes and standards. Training will consist of a mix of plenary lectures, group assignments and technical lectures.

The ANNETTE summer school will be structured in plenary lectures and three parallel tracks, for Nuclear Technology (Fusion and Fission), Radiation Protection, Waste Management and Geological Disposal. The Nuclear Technology track will address both nuclear safety and nuclear technology aspects relevant to present and future nuclear fusion reactors, but also explore the differences and common safety aspects of GEN IV fission reactors.

The similarities, differences and challenges/tradeoffs that are faced in the topics from the three parallel tracks will also be discussed.

For fusion students as well as nuclear engineering students: bringing the expertises closer together

The ANNETTE Summer School is meant for fusion (industry) professionals, scientists and students to facilitate the further acquisition of nuclear competences. The training is also interesting for students from the nuclear/fission field who have already many of the nuclear competences, but lack the fusion basics. In this unique setting, this summer school brings the two fields closer together by providing relevant nuclear competences and allowing interaction between the nuclear fission and fusion field to exchange their expertise.

The targeted trainees should have undergone a suitable engineering education, preferably in a technical subject matter important for their actual job position, at an academic level. They shall be able to understand the general engineering and physics principles at a bachelor level. For the specific nuclear knowledge (in case for the fusion students) or the fusion knowledge (for the population from the nuclear field) no prerequisites are needed. The training aims at providing this information in a comprehensive way.

Registration opens: 1st of February 2018

Registration deadline: 31st of March 2018

No registration fee is required. Additionally the EU funding will cover 50% of the cost for accomodation, lunches and coffee breaks.

The participants should arrange for the rest of the cost (~ 100€ ) and their travel costs. Students from FuseNet member universities can apply for funding support to cover this part of the costs through

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ANNETTE Summer School 2018

Organizing Institution
Organizing Institution
Aalto University, Finland
Turku, Finland