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  • Helicon Plasmas in Fusion


FusionEP talks 12/03/20

Helicon plasma are efficient high-density (~10^20 m^-3) plasma sources with a wide range of applications, ranging from plasma propulsion to nuclear fusion. After many decades of research, certain features of helicons remain mysterious. The talk will give a basic description of helicon plasmas and their applications. The speaker will also describe some of the latest results obtained by the helicon source facility at Max-Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Garching.

Presented by Foisal B.T. Siddiki (MSc, Fusion-EP and IPP Garching alumnus, BD).

About FusionEP talks

FusionEP talks are online oral exchanges on fusion science and technology led by students, alumni and professors of the FusionEP programme. They are approachable, informative, interactive and show the fun of studying fusion. Take a look and make sure to join a live broadcasting once!

Helicon Plasmas in Fusion