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  • Keep your Fusion Machine Clean!


FusionEP talks 17/10/19

This talk will tackle the importance of keeping fusion machines “clean” before and during plasma operations. The typical sources of impurities and the effects of those impurities on plasma performance will be reviewed. We will introduce several wall conditioning techniques and discuss their suitability to different fusion devices. As an example, first results from the wall conditioning strategy deployed on the superconducting stellarator Wendelstein 7–X will be presented.

Presented by Andrei Goriaev (MSc, LPP-ERM/KMS and Ghent University, BE).

About FusionEP talks

FusionEP talks are online oral exchanges on fusion science and technology led by students, alumni and professors of the FusionEP programme. They are approachable, informative, interactive and show the fun of studying fusion. Take a look and make sure to join a live broadcasting once!

Keep your Fusion Machine Clean!