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  • Large Superconducting Cables for Fusion


FusionEP talks 21/03/19

This talk will introduce the problem of effective magnetic fields in large size superconductors for fusion applications. The effect of non-round cable geometries with different void fractions is considered. Pro and cons for magnetic fusion applications are discussed. This work was supported by the EPFL superconductivity group (Villigen, Switzerland)​.

Presented by Jose Trueba (MSc candidate, Stuttgart University, Germany).

About FusionEP talks

FusionEP talks are online oral exchanges on fusion science and technology led by students, alumni and professors of the FusionEP programme. They are approachable, informative, interactive and show the fun of studying fusion. Take a look and make sure to join a live broadcasting once!

Large Superconducting Cables for Fusion