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  • A Plasma Positioning Antenna for Tokamaks with Blankets

Talk abstract:

Johannes will be presenting his master thesis research. In this research he looked into Plasma Positioning Reflectometry (PPR) as alternative for magnetic diagnostics for plasma positioning control in tokamaks. Next generation tokamaks such as ITER and DEMO will be equipped with blankets to deal with high heat loads, breed tritium fuel and transfer the fusion energy to a coolant so that a turbine can be driven with it. The problems these blankets pose for PPR are attacked in this research. A 2D ray tracing code R2P2 is introduced to analyze the effect of the blankets on the diagnostic and from these results an optimal antenna is constructed for PPR in ITER. A prototype of the antenna is tested.

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A Plasma Positioning Antenna for Tokamaks with Blankets

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