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  • Robert Davies - Pecha Kucha Talk, PhD Event 2020


Studying micro-instabilities & turbulence with gyrokinetics

In this Pecha Kucha talk titled "Studying micro-instabilities & turbulence with gyrokinetics" by Robert Davies, is about studying small scale plasma turbulence with gyrokinetics, motived by better understanding turbulence, which largely determines the performance of magnetic fusion devices.


2020 Pecha Kucha Competition
This talk was part of the Pecha Kucha competition at the 2020 FuseNet PhD event. The FuseNet PhD event is an annual event for graduate students in the field of nuclear fusion. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the 2020 edition of the event was held online for the first time ever.

Robert Davies - Pecha Kucha Talk, PhD Event 2020