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  • Wigner Research Centre for Physics
General profile

The Department of Plasma Physics of the Wigner studies phenomena in plasma physics, atomic physics, laser physics and their interdisciplinary fields. Experimental investigations are performed in the laser laboratory of our department and in many other foreign/Hungarian laboratories.

Research profile

Nuclear Solid State Physics: fundamental research on condensed-matter systems of potential technological application utilizing nuclear methods, methodological development of nuclear techniques for solid-state physics and materials sciences Theoretical Physics: high energy heavy ion collisions, theory of gravitation, field theory and particle physics Plasma Physics: tokamak plasma physics, plasma diagnostics, diagnostics development for ITER (RMKI is the host of EURATOM/HAS Association), laser physics, atom optics. Space Physics: solar wind interactions with planets and solar system bodies, the physics of the geospace, spacecraft instrumentation for several international space missions (Rosetta, Cassini, etc). Biophysics: computational neuroscience, elemental analysis of biological and environmental samples, non-destructive analysis of art and archaeological objects Computer Center: External and Campus network, LHC Grid node

Wigner Research Centre for Physics

MTA Wigner Research Centre for Physics
Konkoly-Thege ut 29-33
Contact person
Contact person
Tamás Szabolics