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Centre for Energy Research

General profile

The aim of the Centre for Energy Research (EK) is to carry out basic, applied and developmental scientific research of international standard in the fields of nuclear energy, functional materials and nanosystems, environmental protection, energy efficiency and energy security. 

The Centre for Energy Research was established in January 2012 on the basis of two former independent institutions, the Research Institute for Atomic Energy and the Institute of Isotopes. In 2015 Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science became part of the EK.

The Centre for Energy Research is part of the Eötvös Loránd Research Network.

Target areas:

• basic, applied and development research in accordance with the provisions of the Atomic Energy Act,

• safety analysis of nuclear power plants,

• basic, applied and development research in the field of renewable energy sources,

• environmental protection systems,

• research on functional materials,

• operation of the Budapest Research Reactor.

Research profile

The Research Centre has two departments focusing on fusion plasma physics research and technology development. The following section is focusing on their research profile.

Fusion Plasma Physics Department

The research area of the department is the advancement of controlled fusion energy production: develops and builds plasma diagnostic and technology systems, performs and evaluates measurements on the world’s largest fusion experiments.  Due to the technical-related activities, the staff is composed of physicists and engineers and can perform research and development tasks from physics modeling to engineering design and construction.

Fusion Technology Department

The Fusion Technology Department seeks solutions to technology related issues that emerge during controlled nuclear fusion research. Our most important activity areas are connected to offering engineering services for large research infrastructures, such as ITER, DEMO and IFMIF- DONES. These include all kinds of services from systems engineering through detailed design to prototype manufacturing and testing, up-to the installation of the final product.

Centre for Energy Research

Centre for Energy Research
Konkoly-Thege ut 29-33
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Contact person
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