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The FuseNet project is closed, long live the FuseNet Association!

30 September 2013 was the last day of the FP7 ‘coordination and support’ action Fusenet. The chairman of FuseNet reflects on the 5 years the project has run and looks ahead to the future of the FuseNet Association.

Overview of Fusion Books on FuseNet website

FuseNet opened a new page with a selection of English textbooks on fusion science and technology.

Book page - Fusion - FuseNet

Kick-off of the FuseNet Certificate programme

September 26, 2013 marks the launch of the FuseNet Certificate programme with the first group of twenty students receiving FuseNet's European Master's and Doctorate certificates in a festive ceremony at JET, at CCFE in the UK.

FuseNet now on Twitter and Facebook

FuseNet has launched a brand new Facebook page and Twitter account to keep you up to date instantly on the latest Fusion related news.

Fusion Reactor Diagnostics conference held in Varenna

The International Conference on Fusion Reactor Diagnostics held at Villa Monastero, Varenna, Italy was a big succes. Over 80 scientists from all over the world gathered to discuss plasma diagnostics for ITER and DEMO.

FuseNet in Barcelona at ISFNT 2013

At the 11th ISFNT conference on fusion technology in Barcelona, the FuseNet stand - strategically located near the coffee corner - enjoyed great interest from both visitors and other exhibiting companies.

Finding the right waves at PlasmaSurf 2013

This summer the first edition of PlasmaSurf took place, a summer school on plasma physics. Students explored the link between plasma physics, waves and surfing.

Internship at CV Rez through Fusenet - Part II

Fusion Master student Bram Wolf reports on the results of his internship at research center CV Rez - making it one of the first student projects in industry established through FuseNet.