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Save the date: PhD Event 6-9 November at ITER

This year, a PhD event will be held again. The host is ITER Headquarters, in cooperation with CEA. Keep an eye out for updates on this webpage. A registration page will be launched soon by the host.

European Master of Science Nuclear Fusion and Engineering Physics topranked by El Mundo
The spanish newspaper El Mundo has ranked the European Master of Science in Nuclear Fusion and Engineering Physics at the top in the category "Experimental and Technological Sciences".
Call for students for the Student Council
Do you want to give input to FuseNet? Then join the student council! To date, students are not in any FuseNet committee. To fit the FuseNet activities and strategy to the needs of students, FuseNet sets up a student council. This will be a new body within FuseNet, in which master and Phd students take place, advising the Board of Governors.
Fusion Writers ..and Artists …wanted!

Fusion in Europe is calling for aspiring writers and gifted artists! Are you into fusion? Are you even writing about it? Do futuristic scenarios play a vital role in your artwork? Have you already drawn, sketched or modelled a future powered by fusion? Now, it’s your time to introduce yourself to an international audience!


Introduction to Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

Francis F. Chen
This complete introduction to plasma physics and controlled fusion by one of the pioneering scientists in this expanding field offers both a simple and intuitive discussion of the basic concepts of this subject and an insight into the challenging problems of current research. The work covers single-particle motions, fluid equations for plasmas, wave motions, diffusion and resistivity, Landau damping, plasma instabilities and nonlinear problems. For students, this text book offers a good introduction to the field; for teachers, a large collection of problems; and for researchers, a concise review of the fundamentals. This revised edition contains new material on kinetic effects, including Bernstein waves and the plasma dispersion function, and on nonlinear wave equations and solitons. For the third edition, updates was made throughout each existing chapter, and two new chapters were added; Ch 9 on “Special Plasmas” and Ch 10 on Plasma Applications (including Atmospheric Plasmas). Click here to go to Springer's webpage about this book.
Nuclear Fusion - Bringing the Sun to Earth
David Bruckner
Bram Wolf Sun, 08/24/2014 - 23:35
Search for the Ultimate Energy Source: A History of the U.S. Fusion Energy Program (Green Energy and Technology)
Stephen O. Dean
Bram Wolf Sun, 08/24/2014 - 23:19

Environment and Nuclear Energy

Behram N. Kursunogammalu, Stephan L. Mintz and Arnold Perlmutter
Developed from the Global Foundation's International Conference on Environment and Nuclear Energy, held in October 1997, this volume examines the impact of nuclear energy on regional and global environmental issues under a variety of scenarios. These include competition in deregulated energy environments, constraints levied upon use of fossil energy, and possible expansion of nuclear power into energy sectors beyond the generation of electricity, process heat, and fuels production. It also assesses the overall role of nuclear energy in meeting future energy needs arising from growing world populations and economic development.
Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy
Garry McCracken and Peter Stott
Bram Wolf Tue, 07/22/2014 - 22:02

Fusion (Nuclear Power) - Facts on File

James A. Mahaffey
Billions of dollars have been spent and hundreds of reactors have been built, but not a watt of usable power has been produced by a controlled fusion device. Unlike fission systems, precise prediction of fusion system behavior by mathematical means has proven difficult. Still, the advantages of this ultimate source of limitless power are too great to abandon. As energy problems of the world grow, work toward fusion power continues at a greater pace than ever before.The topic of fusion is one that is often met with the most recognition and interest in the nuclear power arena. Written in clear and jargon-free prose, Fusion explores the big bang of creation to the blackout death of worn-out stars. A brief history of fusion research, beginning with the first tentative theories in the early 20th century, is also discussed, as well as the race for fusion power. This brand-new, full-color resource examines the various programs currently being funded or planned as well as the reality of fusion power and the magnitude of the challenge for future scientists and engineers.
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