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Our history

2020 is the year of ten years of FuseNet. In December of this year, a decade will have passed since Professors Roger Jaspers and Niek Lopes Cardozo made their way to an Eindhoven notary on a cold and overcast Thursday to formally establish The FuseNet Association.

This moment had already been several years in the making at that point. The FuseNet programme initially launched under the flag of the Seventh Framework Programme for Research—the European Union’s biggest-ever research and innovation programme at the time. Several fusion professionals had got together in 2007. In an effort to improve fusion education Europe-wide and to bring together the different fusion education communities that were scattered across the continent, they had launched the FuseNet initiative.

In the years since, The FuseNet Association has supported many students, (co)organised or funded many a successful event and been a driving force in bringing together all the amazing fusion education enthusiasts throughout Europe. Our history is not one of dull facts and dates long past. Rather, it is a history of people coming together, having fun, and making an impact for the better.


This page will be written throughout the year, and you can be part of it!

  • This page will be filled with interesting anecdotes, interviews and stories by the people that made FuseNet what it is today. So check this page regularly!
  • Do you hold fond memories about a particular FuseNet event that you'd like to share here? Let us know by filling in the contact form!