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Educational events are of great value because they help in networking and the exchange of expertise across Europe. When motivated people start collaborating to work on problems, beautiful initiatives and connections emerge.


This page is regularly updated with upcoming events in fusion education and training. You'll also find the experiences of past events on this page. If you would like your event to be featured here, go to your dashboard and add your own. Not a member? Send us an email!


Note on COVID-19: Because of the pandemic in 2020, many events are currently being cancelled or postponed. For external events, always check the official information of the local organiser, regarding its continuation or potentially changed dates.

Experiences at past events

Read all about our events and happenings through the eyes of those who were actually there!

Seen our funding schemes?

FuseNet has a dedicated support scheme in place specifically for educational events. Visit the support page now to find out whether you are eligible!


European Fusion Teacher Day 2021
On 1 October 2021 FuseNet is organising the 2nd European Fusion Teacher Day. Following the same recipe as last year, we will have domestic sessions—with all the newest things in fusion in your country—followed by a Europe-wide live stream in the afternoon. Centrally to this day, FuseNet will be officially revealing the long-awaited classroom materials! Carefully curated and beautifully typeset, you can start using these materials immediately after the Teacher Day! But that is not all. Like last year, ITER Organization is putting in an appearance. This time they’ll be hosting a livestream from the beating heart of European fusion: the ITER tokamak pit.