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  • Plasma Physics 1


Teaching the principles of plasma physics:

  • Kinetic and fluid models for plasmas applications to the study of wave-plasma interaction;
  • Magnetohydrodynamic equations for the study of the stability of magnetized plasmas and magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) instability in linear and toroidal plasmas
  • Introduction to  models of the plasmas produced for applications (kinetics in gas phase and surface phase, sheaths and sources).


Fundamentals of plasma physics: kinetic and fluid plasma models, wave-plasma interaction by fluid model and kinetic model, magnetohydrodynamic equations, magneto-hydrodynamic stability and instabilities, magnetic reconnection, introduction to plasma applications.

Detailed program

Kinetic and fluid descriptions of plasma: the distribution function, the Vlasov equation, the momenta of the distribution function, the fluids equations, MHD and instabilities: space and time scales.

Waves in Plasma: Introduction to the wave propagation in plasma, Linearization of the Maxwell equations and fluids equations; Waves in non magnetised plasma; Langmuir oscillations; Electromagnetic transverse waves; Pressure effects; Waves in a magnetised plasma: perpendicular and parallel propagations; Wave polarisation in plasma; Waves in a drifting plasma: two stream intability.

Kinetics description of waves:Landau Damping. MHD and Instabilities: MHD stability; MHD instabilities

Kink and sausage instabilities, Rayleigh-Taylor instability for plasma and fluids; Plasma Applications

Plasma Sources, Sheats and Applications.


1st year, Master degree, First semester

Plasma Physics 1

Italy - Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca
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In person
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