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European Fusion Teacher Day

European Fusion Teacher Day 2020

Fusion is an excellent topic to address in the classroom, for the fusion reactor is an integration of many extremes. Therefore, open to all science and physics teachers in Europe, an afternoon is set up in which the latest developments in nuclear fusion as well as newly developed classroom materials on fusion are being presented. During the day you will get a look behind the scenes of the most groundbreaking fusion experiments of today and learn about fusion first-hand from experts in the field.


The European Fusion Teacher Day offers teachers: new education materials for in the classroom, a behind-the-scenes look at international fusion experiments, such as GOLEM and ITER and a live connection with teachers throughout Europe. At the end of the event you will be able to tell your students all about nuclear fusion: from the cutting-edge research that is going on, to how to make a career out of fusion!

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Photo: ITER Organization/EJF Riche.

On this page you'll find all information regarding the European Fusion Teacher Day 2020: programme, materials, registration and more.

A filled lecture hall during a lecture

Secondary school teachers as ambassadors of science

FuseNet aims to make knowledge of nuclear fusion accessible for everyone. To secure the future of nuclear fusion, a skilled and diverse fusion workforce will be needed. Therefore, young people should be welcomed to the fusion research and engineering community and learn the fun of it. For many people, secondary school teachers are the first ambassadors of science they would meet in their lives: the impact of enthusiastic role-models with a passion for science on eager students is incredible. Therefore, FuseNet wants to reach out to you as a teacher to provide you with classroom opportunities.

The 2020 event

Among other items, live connections will be made with the oldest tokamak still in operation, with international fusion experiment ITER and presentation material for in the classroom will be shared. Participation in the event and the material will be free of charge. The event will consist of a local and a central part. The central part will be in English, the language of the local part depends on the location.


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A group of PhD students at the ITER site
A filled lecture hall during a lecture

Many European countries participate

FuseNet member institutes from many European countries are participating, providing a session in a local language. Find out on the event web page which organisations are joining. The central livestreams will be in English language.


International participants