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Mobility for lecturers funding

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Information on the funding scheme

This support scheme is launched to enable universities to improve their education for Master students by enabling the mobility of teachers. This can help all universities, but especially smaller universities and the ones in developing countries, to get a high-skilled teacher from another university/institute to fill in the missing expertise, thereby increasing the level of education for their students and allowing local teaching staff to also learn from the invited teacher.

Universities that are a FuseNet member can apply for support for mobility of lecturers in order to invite an expert to teach a fusion-relevant Master course. The minimum duration of the visit is 2 days and the maximum period is 2 months. The financial support is based on actual costs and proof needs to be delivered. Terms and conditions will be available soon

The call will be open during the year until the allocated budget is consumed. Applications will be reviewed periodically at the Board of Governors meetings. These meetings take place approximately every 2 months.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, we highly encourage you to have a prior informal discussion with the Executive Office (