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FuseNet PhD Event 2014

We are glad to announce the 4th edition of the FuseNet PhD event, which will take place from 18-20 November in Lisbon, Portugal.

Organized by the University of Lisbon under the umbrella of the FuseNet Association with financial support by EUROfusion, the PhD Event brings together PhD students working in the field of fusion science and engineering.

The aim of the event is to enable students to disseminate their research, develop a network of contacts and learn from each other's experiences. This will be achieved by:

  • PhD student presentations
  • Invited speakers
  • Social events
  • Student discussions

The PhD Event in Fusion Science and Engineering is open to all PhD students, whose topic is associated to nuclear fusion research and registered at a European university, or at a FuseNet member university.

Financial support is available, granted by EUROfusion through FuseNet, and you can apply for it via an online application form at the FuseNet website.

The event starts on the 18th of November (allowing arrival in afternoon, as most international flights arrive between 12:00-15:00) with a team-building event to get to know each other around 15:00, followed by a welcome reception around 19:00 (to allow for late arrival flights).

The event lasts until late evening on the 20th of November, and therefore includes 3 nights stay (18-19, 19-20 and 20-21st of November). 21st of November is the day of departure.

The deadline for applications (fee supported by FuseNet): 15 October 2014
Notification of acceptance of those who applied before 15 Oct will be given on October 20, 2014

The LATE registration deadline (fee for registration after 15 Oct is 120 euro): November 1st, 2014.


A preliminary schedule for the 3-day event is given below.

  18-Nov 19-Nov 20-Nov
9:00 Participants Plenary + Orals (*) Orals (*)
10:00 arrival (Auditorium) (Auditorium)
11:00   Poster session Poster session
12:00   (Gallery) (Gallery)
13:00   Lunch Lunch
14:00   Visit to ISTTOK Puzzling Physics
15:00 Teambuilding   (Room 1&4)
16:00 (Room 1&4) Plenary talk @ IST Quiz Solver
17:00     Quiz presentations
18:00   Dinner @ IST (Auditorium)
19:00 Welcome reception   Dinner
20:00 Cinema - "<Special SECRET>"   Quiz Winner declaration
21:00     Closing
22:00 Discussion**    
  * Last year students (15 min each)    
  ** Moderated by a sociologist    

The programme includes a visit to the IST Tokamak (shown in the background of the image at the top of the screen), a quizz and a movie that will give you a historical perspective.

FuseNet PhD Event 2014

Organizing Institution
Organizing Institution
University of Lisbon - Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal