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  • PhD Event “The Virtualternative”

PhD Event “The Virtualternative”

Welcome to the PhD Event 2020... the Virtualternative. After a delay and a postponement since March, there is no other option than to go virtual in this year. Together with the Student Council, together we will make the most of it. The virtual conference may have one advantage: there are no limits on hotel budget or room size. So, every fusion PhD student in Europe is welcome.


The FuseNet PhD Event is an annual conference for PhD students in nuclear fusion, organised by FuseNet, powered by EUROfusion. It has the aim to enhance networking among early career fusion scientists and to provide opportunities to present and discuss their work and developments in the field in general. 


Participation is open to every doctoral student in Europe, with a research topic relevant to the European Fusion Roadmap. The registrations will be checked for fusion relevance of the students’ education.


Details and registration

Everything you need to know about the event, such as the program, registration procedure, details on side-sessions and more can be found on the FuseNet PhD-event − The Virtualternative − Indico webpage.


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Date for Registration Deadline
Suggested Audience