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  • Plasma Diagnostics course in Lausanne, Switzerland

The Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) organizes a 5-day plasma diagnostics course from January 30th, 2012 to February 3d, 2012. The course provides a mix of diagnostics theory and experimental practice and is now open to subscription for all students.

This plasma diagnostics course is a pilot programme in fusion education, developed in the framework of the European FUSENET project.

The course lasts one week (2 ECTS) and is open to EPFL students, but also to students from other Universities and Institutes, including (but not limited to) FUSENET members. In this five days of the course, Ph.D. and Master Students learn specific aspects of plasma diagnostics with hands-on training on the TORPEX device (shown above) and the TCV tokamak (shown below).

The program allows students to learn plasma diagnostics and data processing methods of modern fusion experiments and to bridge the gap between diagnostics theory and experimental practice.

The course benefits from the combination of a small basic plasma physics device, TORPEX - which allows for excellent diagnostic access and easiness of data interpretation - and the TCV tokamak, in which students have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with plasma diagnostics typical of high temperature plasmas.

For more information on the Plasma Diagnostics course, please contact Ivo Furno.

For subscription, refer to the Website of Plasma Diagnostics Course

Plasma Diagnostics course in Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne, Switzerland