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Matchmaking information

To train the future fusion workforce requires more than textbooks and lectures alone. FuseNet actively stimulates students involved in fusion to embark on an internship as part of their education. Through our member universities, research institutes and industry members, we give students and young scientists access to a wide range of internships at state-of-the-art facilities across the continent. Through our Powered by FuseNet funding schemes, we also provide support for fusion-related internships across many disciplines.


Bright and skilled master students find their internships here, as a part of their curriculum. Fusion alumni also visit this website to find exciting job opportunities. Do you have opportunities in your organisation?

Students and alumni

Are you a student looking for an interesting project or internship? In the matchmaking browser you can find several intersting opportunities! Information about funding can be found here.

Fusion alumni can find exciting PhD and job opportunities in the browser as well.