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General profile

The Austrian Academy of Sciences is the leading organisation promoting non-university academic research institutions in Austria. About 1300 employees carry out extensive research projects. Highly qualified researchers from Austria and abroad are included among the members of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and guarantee the "community's" excellence in the sciences and the humanities.

Research profile

ÖAW is a signatory to the agreement of the European Consortium for the Development of Fusion Energy (EUROfusion). Fusion@ÖAW coordinates research and development projects in the field of fusion research at Austrian universities, other research establishments and industry. 

The core competencies of the Austrian fusion research programme are plasma physics (edge plasma theory, simulation, diagnostics and transport theory), fusion technology (materials research, divertor materials, superconducting magnets) and socio-economics (risk management, long-term energy scenarii). Fusion@ÖAW does not only cooperate with research institutes, but also informs Austrian industry about new developments and business opportunities in the field of fusion technology in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.


Fusion@ÖAW Coordination Office,
Apostelgasse 23,
1030 Vienna,
Contact person
Contact person
Monika Fischer