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Ignition Computing

General profile

Ignition computing is a software engineering consultancy specialized in high-performance computing and research software.

We were founded in 2020 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, to build the software powering science. The majority of our work is in nuclear fusion research, as well as the emerging fusion energy industry.

Our team consists of software engineers with backgrounds in nuclear fusion research, applied mathematics, engineering physics and mechanical engineering. We are taking on new challenges, and will therefore have internship and full-time opportunities opening up.


Our Services:

We have an extensive track record with numerical methods, machine learning, high-performance computing, visualization and performance optimization, and in delivering physics-based calculations through web interfaces.  We can handle the full process from ideation to deployment and support.


Our Achievements & Ongoing work

Our past projects span a broad range from building infrastructure for nuclear fusion research, reducing computation times of simulations through preconditioning or the development of a platform for model-based greenhouse optimization. With regards to fusion research infrastructure we have been involved in the development of data structures and interface tooling. Our simulation acceleration work has demonstrably accelerated several multiphysics simulations problems, including plasma physics, high energy density physics and glass manufacturing. We apply prior knowledge of preconditioners and machine learning to optimize solver configurations.

Ignition Computing

Ignition Computing B.V.
Keizersgracht 16D,
5611GD Eindhoven,
The Netherlands
Contact person
Contact person
Daan van Vugt