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Istituto per la Scienza e la Tecnologia dei Plasmi (ISTP - CNR Milano)

General profile

The Institute for Plasma Science and Technology – ISTP – is a CNR institute founded in April 2019, joining three CNR research groups that have been active in plasma physics research for many decades. ISTP counts about 120 staff people, including over 80 Physicists, Engineers, Chemists and Geologists. Headquarters are located in Milano, with three research units, in Milano, Padova and Bari. Each site has its own laboratories, experiments and premises.

ISTP conducts theoretical and experimental research on laboratory and natural plasmas. Research activities range from plasmas in controlled thermonuclear fusion to low-temperature plasmas, space and astrophysical plasmas, with application in aerospace, energetics, medicine, agriculture, innovative materials, environment, cultural heritage.

ISTP is part of the well-established fusion research network since many years. Scientific collaborations are active both with Italian research institutions, in particular with ENEA, and with international organizations. ISTP is part of the Eurofusion Consortium and works with Fusion for Energy agency and ITER International Organization. Within the fusion network, ISTP researchers collaborate with many research institutes, participating to experimental campaigns, analyzing data, performing simulations and conducting theoretical research, at various fusion sites in Europe and around world. 

Scientific collaboration, joint projects and visiting exchange are active with many national and international research institutes in the fields of low-temperature plasmas, space and astrophysical plasmas, and aerospace plasmas. Agreements are in place with industrial partners in the field of aerospace.

CNR is partner of Consorzio RFX since it was established in 1996. ISTP personnel in Padova is almost all seconded to RFX, contributing to its scientific and technological activities. 

CNR is also partner of DTT, the Italian device in construction at ENEA premise in Frascati. ISTP researchers are contributing to the design and realization of this new facility.



Research profile

Experimental research on the Plasma interaction with electron cyclotron waves and related technologies:

  • ECRH plant development and experiments on the FTU tokamak of ENEA in Frascati
  • R&D in the Millimiter Wave Laboratory;
  • participation to international ECRH projects and experiments ;

Plasma technologies:

  • Plasma induced modification of surface functional properties;
  • Dust formation and physical effects in plasmas
  • Development of diagnostic instruments (CTS, Neutron Spectroscopy etc.)

Theory of Plasma and of thermonuclear fusion:

  • Physics of wave plasma interaction in fusion devices;
  • MHD and transport studies for tokamaks;

Istituto per la Scienza e la Tecnologia dei Plasmi (ISTP - CNR Milano)

Istituto per la Scienza e la Tecnologia dei Plasmi CNR
Via R.Cozzi 53 20125 Milan
Contact person
Contact person
Paola Platania