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  • Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
General profile

Plasma Physics Department of Polytechnic University has bachelor, master and PhD programs. Scientists of Ioffe institute are lecturing students on advanced topics in plasma physics and are supervising students research activities. Some of graduates of Plasma Physics Department are attended to graduate schools like Instituto de Plasmas (Lisbon, Portugal), H. Poincaré University (Nancy, France), Max-Planck Institute (Garhing, Germany).

Research profile

Plasma Physics Department scope of research includes both low temperature plasma of gas discharge and high temperature plasma of fusion devices. Low temperature plasma group study high frequency gas discharge theory and practical applications, such as diagnostics of hydrogen isotopes accumulation at chamber wall of fusion reactor, clearing of ITER diagnostics mirrors by high frequency gas discharge and so on. There are several research groups in the field of high temperature plasma in Plasma Physics Department. Numerical modeling and plasma theory group develops SOLPS-ITER code. SOLPS-ITER is two-dimensional code for simulation of edge part of tokamak discharge. This code is used for modeling of discharges of ASDEX-Upgrade, MAST, DIII-D, JT-60, Globus-M as well as discharges projected for ITER. The high temperature plasma experimental groups conduct joint research with Saint-Petersburg Ioffe Institute on three tokamaks FT-2, TUMAN-3M and Globus-M. The research area includes Alfven waves propagation, GAM studies, LH Current Drive and other problems of tokamak physics.

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Politekhnicheskaya ulitsa, 29, St Petersburg, Russia, 195251
Contact person
Contact person
Prof. Vladimir Roshansky