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  • Poltech Research and Engineering GmbH
General profile

Poltech Research and Engineering is a multidisciplinary science, engineering and technology consulting firm, with experts in various fields of science and engineering, and whose expertise is ready and available for services to customers worldwide.

Our team of scientists, professional engineers, and regulatory consultants brings together more than 50 different disciplines to solve complex problems facing corporations, government entities, and individuals.

Poltech has offices in Poland, Austria and the US.

Research profile

Poltech’s core strengths include: assembling specialty teams and effective management of large, complex projects and task order contracts. We offer solutions to projects of all sizes, including significant on call task order programs. The firm’s multidisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, and regulatory consultants are capable to perform either in depth scientific research or analysis, or very rapid response evaluations.

Poltech works with clients providing them with solutions to a wide variety of problems. Poltech’s client base includes municipal, national, and multinational industrial sectors. The firm has proven expertise in a wide array of integrated solutions, including: environmental engineering, power generation, industrial manufacturing, production facilities development, laboratory services, IT consulting, government relations and applied science. In recent years Poltech has also become active as a consulting firm in the field of nuclear fusion.

Poltech Research and Engineering GmbH

Hermanngasse 18/5
Contact person
Contact person
Dr. Jacek Wrobel