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Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm

General profile

Research at KTH is organised in five Research Platforms, designed to break down traditional barriers between academic disciplines. The goal is to deliver practical results that can help solve overarching global challenges.

The KTH Research Platforms encompass Energy, Information and Communication Technology, Materials, Life Science Technology, and Transport.

The main role of the Platforms is to coordinate large, multidisciplinary research initiatives involving KTH professors and graduate students working in concert with external partners. These initiatives encompass both basic and applied research, and they may involve more than one platform.

Research profile

The Fusion Plasma Physics group focuses on controlled thermonuclear research. The division also has a long standing tradition of research on basic plasma physics, initiated by Prof. Bo Lehnert. The majority of the experimental research is performed on EXTRAP T2R reversed-field pinch.

The Swedish fusion research is part of the European research effort involving the fusion research centres of the European Union and Switzerland. It is coordinated and partly funded by Euratom. Several Swedish researchers are active at JET (Joint European Torus), the world's largest fusion experiment today.

Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm

Department of Fusion Plasma Physics
School of Electrical Engineering
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
SE - 100 44 Stockholm, Sweden
Contact person
Contact person
Prof. Per Brunsell