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  • Remote Glow Discharge Experiment (RGDX)

The Remote Glow Discharge Experiment (RGDX) is operated by the Science Education Office at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. Simply by clicking on the link and filling in your name, you can take full control of a linear plasma generator and explore what conditions are necessary to reach plasma breakdown. You can also explore the effects of electromagnets on the plasma.

The interface is complete with physics-based explanations to frequently asked questions, suggested tasks, and tutorials. Follow the tutorial provided on Level 2 to create your own Paschen curve, an important concept for achieving initial breakdown in magnetically confined plasmas.

Link to access
Video discussion of the experiment (YouTube)

Use and Access

Simply click on the link and fill in your name to get assigned a 10 minute time slot.

Remote Glow Discharge Experiment (RGDX)

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