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Fusion Device 0D Challenge

This round of the Challenge has come to an end. Together with IAEA we are now evaluating the submissions and will announce the winners soon.

FuseNet and IAEA launch a challenge and you can win prizes!

On 9 December, FuseNet Association exists for ten years. In this period, FuseNet has supported students and stimulated fusion education, by organising and supporting workshops, experiments, internships and seven PhD Events.

To celebrate FuseNet's birthday, an educational challenge is launched by FuseNet and IAEA: the IAEA FusDIS interactive database contains all the world's active fusion devices.


In this challenge, we looked for radii, elongation, triangularity, plasma facing components, divertor material, plasma current.


Every correct and complete submission is eligible to win a prize. One form per fusion device could be submitted. As indicated in the announcements, the challenge ran until 31 January 2021. The responses will be evaluated and the winners will be identified.

Among the correct submissions, we will award: 60 powerbanks, 20 EPS member subscriptions and … a 3D printed ITER toy model, printed for you, shipped to your home address!