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FuseNet launches individual support schemes

FuseNet launches individual support schemes

At the beginning of November 2014, FuseNet and EUROfusion signed a contract to implement several work packages to strengthen fusion education in Europe and align the needs in education and training to the demands of the Roadmap.

As a first result of this, FuseNet is glad to announce that it has launched several student support schemes that were developed in cooperation with and funded by the EUROfusion consortium:
  • Support for Master students to go abroad for an internship in a fusion group or at a research institute.
  • Support for Master and PhD students to follow educational training activities external to their own organisation (such as summer schools, master classes and workshops with a dominant educational character).
  • Support for PhD students to take part in research at another universities’ fusion group or at a research laboratory for shorter periods than a full internship.

Applications can easily be made through forms that are available online: 

Through these support schemes and the organisation of a PhD event for all European fusion students later this month, FuseNet has started its central role in the implementation of the Fusion education programme under H2020. In the coming months, the network will further expand its activities, coordinated over 11 work packages