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FuseNet Master Thesis Prize Winners 2023!

Master thesis prize 2023 winners

FuseNet Master Thesis Prize Winners 2023!

The winners of the FuseNet Master Thesis Prize 2023 are known! According to the jury existing out of the academic board, there are the following 4 outstanding winners:

  • Hannah Lindl - Quantative Evaluation of First Signals of the Imaging Heavy Ion Beam Probe at ASDEX Upgrade - Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics-IPP Greisfwald
  • Bruno Carl Angelo Spolaore - Structural behavior of electrical post insulators for the MITICA experiment: numerical models and experimental tests - Università di Padova-Centro Ricerche Fusione
  • Riccardo Stucchi - Non-Maxwellian Distribution Functions: Landau Damping and Beyond - Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics -IPP Garching
  • Marco Bugatti - Experimental Investigation of Thin Tungsten Films as Corrosion Barriers for Liquid Metal Divertor Conceptual Designs - Polytechnic University of Milan


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