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FuseNet PhD Event 2015 opened with a toast and... fire!

FuseNet PhD Event 2015 opened with a toast and... fire!

A toast to the start of the fifth edition of the FuseNet PhD event in Prague!
Highest number of participants ever for the FuseNet PhD event
With a record of 130 registered PhD students, the fifth FuseNet PhD event in fusion science and engineering took off today at the Czech Technical University in Prague.
The event brings together a large fraction of the PhD students in Europe that work in the field of fusion science and engineering, and is organized each year under the umbrella of the FuseNet Association with financial support of EUROfusion.
Double anniversary
The Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University organises the 2015 edition of the FuseNet event as part of its 60th Anniversary of the faculty. This means it is a double anniversary: the 5th year for the FuseNet PhD event and the 60th year for the organising faculty.

The PhD event in fusion science and engineering provides an opportunity for young researchers to share their ideas, learn from each other’s experiences and develop a network of contacts. Students also get experience in presenting their work, either through an oral or poster presentation, and will be trained on public science communication in an interactive workshop.

A rocking opening for the 2015 PhD event in Prague

In a scientific exploration game throughout the city and the University buildings, the students got to know each other before gathering for the official opening of the event, by the vice dean of the faculty prof. Libor Šnobl and by Kieran Gibson from the board of FuseNet.

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Prof. Gibson from FuseNet welcomes the participants alongside vice dean prof. Šnobl.

The students then brought out a toast to the officicial start of the fifth FuseNet PhD event, after which the event took off with "speed dating" between the participants. The session served to introduce the participants to each other while setting a friendly and relaxed ambience for the rest of event. In a short time, the PhD students got to know each other and the topics of their PhD programme.

Fusing molecules

The evening concluded with a grand opening party. The only thing missing to make the molecules fuse on the dance floor was the music, but not for long... as the music set in vibrantly in form of The Apples, a local Czech girl rock band.

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The grand opening party brought fire and music to the auditorium of the University

The for a large part student-led event will continue until Tuesday evening 17 November and includes excursions to research facilities in the vicinity and features a compelling line of keynote speakers. Stay tuned for more news later this week at the FuseNet website...