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Fusion PhD Event Registration Open Now!

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Fusion PhD Event Registration Open Now!

The registration for the Fusion PhD Event at ITER, sponsored by FuseNet, is open now!

It is with great pleasure that the ITER Organisation will be hosting this year's Fusion PhD event at ITER Headquarters from 6 to 9 November 2018.

The event, financed by FuseNet, provides a unique opportunity for PhD students to build bridges with other students working in the field of fusion science and engineering. 

The three-day program will offer tremendous opportunities to discuss and exchange with researchers from the international fusion community. And as a new feature this year, a special industrive incentive event will give you the opportunity to interact with representatives of industry.

The registration website can be found here:

Interested participants can make a reservation there. One should not book a travel ticket yet. The committee will assess eligibility after the registration deadline. You will receive an email with confirmation soon after 1 October (at the latest).

All PhD students registered at a European university are welcome to parcipate, as long as their research project is directly relevant to the European Fusion Roadmap. This follows from the challenges EUROfusion defines. Students can register by clicking the link below. It is on a first-come-first-serve basis, however, students coming from a FuseNet member institute come first. See for a full list of all current FuseNet members. You have to be an enrolled PhD student at the time of the event to be able to join.

FuseNet is looking forward to see a lot of bright young faces at the venue!