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  • Kick-off of the FuseNet Certificate programme

Kick-off of the FuseNet Certificate programme

On 26 September, 2013, the first group of twenty students from 10 different universities in Europe were awarded their FuseNet European Fusion Master’s and Doctorate certificates in a ceremony at Europe’s leading fusion experiment JET at Culham in the UK.

The first twenty students received their European Fusion Master's/Doctorate Certificate

A recognition of excellence

The certificates are a recognition of excellence in fusion science and technology, and will from now on be awarded twice yearly by the FuseNet Association to European MSc and PhD students who fulfil academic criteria that have been jointly established by universities and fusion research centres throughout Europe.

A new generation to pave the way for optimum operation of ITER

The students enjoyed a festive day, starting off with a tour of JET facilities and a talk on the status and plans of the JET program by Dr. Duarte Borba. The EFDA leader Prof. Francesco Romanelli then launched the official award ceremony, with a speech in which he emphasized that fusion research is going through a major transition (moving from laboratory to industry scale) and that a new generation of students as standing here today, is needed to pave the way to scientifically explore ITER.

Left: Francesco Romanneli addresses the students. Right: Duarte Borba presents the JET programme

Our way to say thank you

The chairman of FuseNet Prof. Niek Lopes Cardozo, addressed students and explained how the FuseNet partners have jointly set up ambitious criteria for the certificates that were about to be handed out. "The Ceremony and the JET-visit are our way of saying to you, that we highly appreciate the effort you have put into your studies of fusion; that we recognize the high level of expertise you have acquired".

A bright future ahead

The chair of the Academic Council of FuseNet, Prof. Ambrogio Fasoli then continued to say that many of the students here today engaged in the field of fusion with a mission, to work on a clean source of energy, to make the world a better place for ourselves and for the next generation. "FuseNet is confident that you will have a bright future ahead of you, whether it is in fusion or elsewhere". He then handed out the certificates to the twenty students present, while 6 more will receive theirs indirectly.

Prof. Ambrogio Fasoli from FuseNet hands out the Fusion Master's Certificate to Annalisa Cardellini, one of the first students to receive the prestigious title.

‘After hours’

After the award, the students enjoyed a dinner together in Oxford and were treated to a special ‘after hours’ tour of JET - including access to the torus hall itself, before returning to their accommodation at St. Anne's College in Oxford, where some continued their celebrations with more after hours in the student night life...