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  • GOLEM Tokamak

GOLEM is a small-sized tokamak device equipped with basic controls and diagnostics and full remote control capability for educational purposes.

GOLEM is the oldest functional tokamak in the world. In its heyday, GOLEM served as TM-1 in the Soviet Union and was later transferred to the Institute of Plasma Physics in Prague (FuseNet member) where it served as the tokamak CASTOR for the next 30 years. Still shunning retirement, today it serves as an educational device for Czech and international students. A small-sized tokamak device equipped with basic controls and diagnostics as well as full remote control capability, it is well-suited as an educational device.

Several resources exist online for those interested in working with GOLEM, which are:

  • the GOLEM website, where you can find news of recent activities at GOLEM and where the full database of all shots is incorporated;
  • the GOLEM wiki, which has a lot of info on the theory and diagnostics of GOLEM;
  • the GOMTRAIC website, which is the website for the workshops related to GOLEM (see our events page for upcoming workshops), and which also contains links to the GOLEM virtual model and control room.


Use and Access

Both local and remote users can make good use of the capabilities of the GOLEM tokamak. Numerous measurements have been taken from all over the world, even during regular student laboratory courses. The main use is, however, during concentrated education activities, like the GOMTRAIC GOlem reMote TRAIning Course attracting students from all over the world every year. The easiest access for individual users is through the yearly GOMTRAICs, while institutions can contact the GOLEM team for regular or occasional operational windows.

GOLEM Tokamak

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