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  • GENE-3D simulation of W7-X turbulence
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GENE-3D is one of the latest tools from the GENE code family. GENE-3D, a delta-f gyrokinetic code with field-aligned coordinates, is capable of simulating fully 3-dimensional magnetic geometries, making simulation of core turbulence in stellarators accessible.

This video shows one such simulation, where the magnetic geometry of the W7-X stellarator is used. The video begins with a top view of the stellarator, including the complex coils which generate the magnetic field (dark grey), the full plasma volume (light transparent grey), and the core plasma (orange).

Zooming in on the cut-out region, one can see a single highlighted toroidal region (transparent orange tube through the cut-out region), and two poloidal planes where turbulent eddies are visible. The orange color scale indicates electron density fluctuation levels. One can see how these fluctuations form structures that extend from an inner to an outer radius (causing radial turbulent transport), and how the poloidal rotation 'shears' these structures to prevent them from extending all the way from the core to the outer boundary.

GENE-3D simulation of W7-X turbulence

The GENE-3D team