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Casual chats with fusion experts in brand-new podcast: Fusion Focused

Fusion Focused

Casual chats with fusion experts in brand-new podcast: Fusion Focused

From Ella Fox-Widdows, a PhD student at the University of Liverpool, a brand-new fusion podcast titled Fusion Focused brings you the most inspiring experts active in fusion energy. During the conversations, Ella sets out to discuss the wide variety of roles within the field and chat to guests about their work, their career path, and the origin of their passion for fusion energy.

The first episode for example, where Ella talks to Dr Melanie Windridge—the Communications Consultant for Tokamak Energy, UK Director of the Fusion Industry Association, and founder of Fusion Energy Insights—highlights the latter’s PhD research into plasma stability, how she got involved with science communication, her adventures in the arctic, the importance of getting more women involved in fusion and Melanie’s new venture Fusion Energy Insights.

The first series of Fusion Focused will showcase 15 fusion experts releasing fortnightly on Mondays and can be found on most mainstream podcast media, such as Anchor, Spotify, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Radio Public, Pocket Casts and Podbean. FuseNet will share newly released episodes via its Twitter and Instagram, but you can also follow Fusion Focused directly (via Twitter or Instagram).

More details about the podcast and links to the aforementioned podcast media can be found here.