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First-ever FuseNet Master Event Taking Off: Registrations Now Open!

FuseNet Master Event

First-ever FuseNet Master Event Taking Off: Registrations Now Open!

After the conclusion of the very successful virtual PhD event near the end of last year, some very enthusiastic students sent us a message, inquiring whether they could participate in a similar online event for master students. Though there was no such event planned at the time, a spark was ignited, and a commission was formed. Now, about five months after the Master Event became an official FuseNet initiative, the date has been set, and registrations have opened!

As the name implies, the FuseNet Master event is intended for (to-be) master students in the fusion or plasma physics fields, eager to learn more about the most contemporary developments in fusion-related topics and excited to meet their peers from all over Europe.

The event will take place this fall, on 5 and 6 October and is open and free to attend for any students in fusion-related fields. The event will be interesting to both students who are just getting started in fusion or aspiring to do so, and to students who are graduating. In two days, you will learn about state-of-the-art fusion topics and the role of industry in interactive lectures.

The sessions during the first day of the event revolve primarily around the industry and engineering topics, where several talks about the engineering challenges in nuclear fusion are given, e.g. concerning the tritium breeding blankets or the superconductor magnets. Successively everyone is invited to join the networking assembly, which provides the perfect environment for students to meet their colleagues and companies in their study field.

During the second day the theme is largely concerned with the fundamental science of fusion, where there will be talks about non-Tokamak devices, MHD instabilities and plasma modelling. During the afternoon, a Pecha Kucha Event takes place, providing the stage to anyone elated to share their fusion-related work or topic.

Learn about fusion, meet your future colleagues and companies in the fusion field, register now for the first-ever FuseNet Master Event! (The registration page can be found here.)