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Statement on the war in Ukraine

Statement on the war in Ukraine

At its meeting on 8 March 2022, the FuseNet Board of Governors decided the following:​

  • FuseNet will waive FuseNet membership fee 2022 for Kharkiv University.

  • FuseNet will seek additional financial aid for Ukrainian PhD & Masters students to attend FuseNet events. ​

  • FuseNet encourages its member institutions to host Ukrainian students including the extension of existing posts.​

  • At the present time, FuseNet will not accept membership applications from Russian or Belarusian institutions. ​

  • FuseNet will not start new collaborations with current Russian or Belarusian member institutes (for example any student internships).​​

  • FuseNet will not accept Russian or Belarusian affiliated students into newly formed committees or new educational activities.​

  • FuseNet will keep the Russian affiliated Student Committee member in her current role.​