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Vote for Fusion!

Gijs Derks

Vote for Fusion!

Finding the best video that most clearly and creatively explains complex or counterintuitive concepts in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This is the goal of the #VeritasiumContest. From the two-hundred most-watched and most-liked videos (on both YouTube and TikTok), the top-tree videos will be rewarded with both grants and—perhaps more importantly in the case of nuclear fusion—an opportunity to introduce the topic to a wider science audience.

Gijs Derks, a student from the Technical University in Eindhoven (the Netherlands), presently graduating at the Dutch Institute For Fundamental Energy Research, set out to do exactly that. In his video, Gijs presents the gist of his graduation project on model-based control of detachment through which he aims to identify the physics that cause the dynamics between the gas puff and the location of the carbon radiation front in the divertor plasma.

With over a thousand videos to compete against, FuseNet gratefully forwards Gijs’s call for action to the fusion community. By watching and liking the video (which you may find here), you help him gain a little more ground on attaining the competition eligibility threshold, and therewith a chance to help further introduce the technology of nuclear fusion to the world.

Support by you, fusion experts, would show the global connections and collaborations that have flourished for so long in fusion research. Please: vote on YouTube Nuclear Fusion - Extracting the Heat and Protecting the Wall - YouTube; or make your own movie, light the way!

On behalf of Gijs; thank you!


Photo: DIFFER/van der Vlis