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Participants FuseNet PhD Event 2015

Participants FuseNet PhD Event 2015

Name E-mail Poster/Oral
Alberto Maistrello Characterization of the dielectric strength in vacuum of RF drivers for Neutral Beam Injectors Ion Sources
Alena Gogoleva Collisionless a-partilces confinement in W7-X stellarator
Alexander Simon Thrysøe The Influence of Blobs on Neutrals in the Scrape-Off Layer
Alistair Duncan McGann Investigating ELM Heat Fluxes in MAST using IR Thermography
Aljaž Čufar Neutronic calculations in support of absolute measurements of fusion power in large tokamaks
Aljaž Kolšek

Neutronics Analyses and Advances in Radiation Transport-Activation Simulation Tools for ITER (Poster)

Neutronics Analyses and Advances in Radiation Transport-Activation Simulation Tools for ITER (Abstract)

André Häußler Neutronics Model for the Stellarator Power Reactor HELIAS
Andrea Pezzoli Study of tungsten and tungsten compound coatings for magnetic fusion research: damage, hydrogen retention and permeation
Andrii Dubinko TEM investigation of microstructure modification of several tungsten grades and conditions after deuterium plasma exposure
Andrius Tidikas Investigation of DEMO construction material characteristics affected by neutron irradiation
Anna Medvedeva Experimental study of radial turbulence with an Ultra-fast-swept Reflectometer at ASDEX Upgrade
Antonio Froio Multi-scale thermal-hydraulic modelling for nuclear fusion reactors
Antonio Pimazzoni Investigation of the parameters of a particle beam by numerical models and diagnostic calorimetry
Aoife Somers Applicability of Lieberman's model to non-normal magnetic fields
Artur Perevalov Effect of the transition to improved core confinement observed in the LHCD experiment at FT-2 tokamak
Asad Hussain PKA spectrum of 14 MeV neutrons in tungsten using Monte Carlo simulations.
Baojun Sun BAOJUN.SUN89@GMAIL.COM Low frequency modes associated to magnetic islands in TJ-II stellarator
Benjamin Chapman Kinetic simulations of Ion Cyclotron Emission (ICE) in plasmas
Bram Wolf Measuring velocity distribution of IECaccelerated ions using Doppler-LIF
Branka Vanovac 3D edge temperature fluctuation measurements with upgraded ECEI diagnostic on ASDEX Upgrade
Carlo Baltador Numerical and experimental characterization of beams of negative ions and improvement investigation
Catalina Quiros Plasma wall interactions in the context of nuclear fusion
Daan van Vugt Impurity transport during Edge Localized Modes in realistic tokamak geometries
Daniele Aprile Off-normal and failure condition analysis of the MITICA negative-ion Accelerator
Dario Andres Cruz Malagon Study of Dielectric Properties of Alumina for Fusion Applications
Dario Carloni Thermal Hydraulics and Safety Analyses for Fusion Reactors Primary Heat Transfer Systems
David Ryan The Plasma Response to 3D Fields in Tokamaks
David Schwörer Influence of Neutrals on Filaments
Davide Rigamonti Capabilities of a Diamond Detector matrix for neutron spectroscopy measurements at JET
Diogo Elói Trindade de Aguiam Multichannel reflectometer for measuring plasma electron density profiles in front of the ICRH antenna on ASDEX Upgrade
Domenico Abate Modelling and control of RFX-mod tokamak equilibria
Dudkovskaya Alexandra Characterization of the Plasma Current Quench during disruptions in the ST Globus-M
Edoardo Besozzi Thermomechanical characterization of coatings for harsh temperatures and irradiation environments
Embie Hasan Electron energy distribution function in the divertor region of the COMPASS tokamak
Federica Inzoli Development of advanced carbon based films for applications in neutron and photon detectors
Francis Lockwood Estri Use of a triple probe to measure non-repeating plasma phenomena in HiPIMS
Fred Thomas Investigating the effects of homogenisation in fusion blankets
Gabriel Carro Sevillano Production and characterization of strengthened copper alloys for cooling device in fusion reactors
Gabriel Sichardt Electron Cyclotron Emission Measurements at the Stellarator TJ-K
Gaetano Bongiovì Thermo-mechanical analysis of the DEMO Water-Cooled Lithium Lead breeding blanket concept
Georgiy Zadvitskiy Turbulence diagnostic with swept-frequency reflectometry
Giulio Gambetta Development, optimization and testing of high performance cooling systems for fusion devices
Giulio Rubino Analysis of the SOL plasma in DEMO baseline scenario with EDGE2D/EIRENE code
Guillermo Suarez Lopez Experimental Investigation of ICRF waves-SOL plasma interactions with RF and Langmuir probes.
Hannah Willett Detachment and instability studies on the York Linear Plasma Device
Hugo A. Peraza Rodriguez SIESTA and its free boundary development
Indra Krevica Functional materials structure and properties change in tokamak reactors induced by fusion radiation
Ivan Erofeev Interpretative and predictive transport modeling of ASDEX Upgrade L-mode plasmas
Ivan Misiruk Complex surface modification of metals in non-self-sustained gas discharge
Jack Lovell An FPGA-based Bolometer for the MAST-U Super-X Divertor
James Beal Deposition in the JET divertor corners with carbon and ITER-like walls
Jan Prokupek Experimental Devices within SUSEN project in CV Rez
Javier Hernandez Nicolau Dynamical relation between gradients and transport in Fusion Plasmas
Javier Rodrigo Pinzon Acosta Modeling of Radial Correlation Doppler Reflectometry using 2D Full Wave Simulations
Jeppe Miki Busk Olsen Temperature dynamics and velocity scaling laws for warm ion blobs
Jianfeng Huang

Process of the Modeling of ITER Main Busbar JointBox

Numerical modeling of ITER Main Busbar Joint Box

Jie Zheng Thermal Stratification Investigation for Tokamak Cooling Water System(TCWS) of ITER
Jorge Alberto Alcusón Influence of quasi-symmetries on the nature of turbulent transport
Joshua Holgate The Charging of Non-Spherical Objects in a Plasma
Julio Macías Delgado Influence of the addition of Fe2Y on the microstructure and tensile properties of ODS ferritic steels
Karol Jesko Experimental studies of plasma detachment in the Pilot-PSI high flux linear plasma generator
Laurent VALADE Effect of the Electric Field Pattern on the Generation of Fast Electrons in Front of LH Antennas
Leonardo Pigatto Advanced tools for three-dimensional modeling and control of thermonuclear fusion devices
LingFeng Lu Self-consistent modeling of sheath-waves interaction for ion cyclotron resonant heating
Lucas Moser Influence of high magnetic field on plasma sputtering of ITER First Mirrors
Luigi Antonio Poggi Experimental campaign to test the capability of STARDUST-Upgrade diagnostics to investigate LOVA and LOCA conditions
Luigi Cordaro Magnetic reconnection in fusion plasmas: the case of the Reversed-field Pinch
Luke Menzies Helium Embrittlement: Model of Helium Migration within Breeder Blanket Materials
Marco Antonio Martinez Fuentes Analysis of the energy distribution of escaping suprathermal ions in neutral-beam injection phase of the TJ-II stellarator
Marco Gottardo New hardware and software technologies for real-time control in nuclear fusion experiments
Marek Pribula Study of H and D atoms in fusion relevant wall materials
Mária Suchoňová Study of RF discharge enhancement for LIBS analyses of  fusion-relevant wall materials
Mariia Usoltceva Experimental studies of RF sheath rectification in magnetized plasmas using fast and slow ICRF antennas
Martynas Prokopas ITER Control Model
Marwa Ben Yaala Plasma facing materials & components and diagnostics for plasma-wall  interaction studies
Mateusz Gospodarczyk Control-oriented dynamical model of disruption generated RE beam
Matthew Bluteau Ion Impact Excitation in Fusion Plasmas: A Semi-Classical, Impact Parameter Approach
Menglong Zhao 1D kinetic simulation of parallel electron heat flux in the scrape-off layer
Michael Løiten Study of a cylindrical plasma with sheath boundary conditions
Mikhail Zibrov Deuterium thermal desorption from point defects in tungsten
Nicola Bonanomi Impact of electron scale modes on electron heat transport in the JET tokamak
Nisarg Patel Design investigation for structural upgrade of RFX-mod machine
Ondrej Kudlacek Disruption prediction based on sawtooth period monitoring by RAPTOR code
Oulfa Chellai Scattering of mm-waves by turbulent structures in magnetically confined fusion plasmas
Paavo Niskala Gyrokinetic investigation of turbulent flow dynamics in ohmic tokamak plasmas
Pablo Vallejos Modeling ICRH in Thermonuclear Fusion Plasmas
Palak Jain Studies & experimental activities to qualify the behaviour of RF power circuits for Negative Ion Sources of NBI for ITER
Paul Branch High Field Measurements on (RE)BCO tapes under High Compressive and Tensile Uniaxial Strains for Fusion Applications
Paulo Ricardo Fortuna Carvalho Monitoring of Instrumentation for Critical Nuclear Fusion Plasma Control and Data Acquisition Systems
Pietro Arena Poster - Analysis of the thermo-mechanical behaviour of fusion breeding blankets
Pietro Vincenzi Interaction between neutral beam fast particles and plasma in fusion experiments
Plamena Marinova Effect of the Resonant Magnetic Perturbation on the Plasma Parameters in Divertor Region of the COMPASS Tokamak
Pranay Valson Impurity and alpha particle transport in the W7-X using charge exchange recombination spectroscopy : An overview
Riccardo Ragona Traveling wave ICRF antenna(s) for fusion devices
Rodrigo Nuno Mendes Antunes Experimental and numerical study on advanced inorganic membranes for the tritium processes in the Breeding Blanket
Stefano Carli Simplified modeling of heat transfer problems at the interface between different subsystems of a superconducting tokamak
Syed Ilyas Waseem Shah Observation of Secondary Instability of Magnetic Island in COMPASS High Density Limit Plasmas
Tautvydas Maceina Simulation of space charge compensation in a multibeamlet negative ion beam
Tomáš Odstrčil Poloidal asymmetries of heavy ions in the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak
Tommaso Bagni Modelling of MgB2 Conductors for Low Field Coils and Feeders for Future Fusion Energy Reactors
Vadim Yanovskiy Currents during disruptions
Vladica Nikolic Improved Fracture Behaviour of Thin Tungsten Foils
Vladimir Kvon Implementation of multipass laser absorption spectroscopy and measurements of the erosion of liquid tin  in PILOT-PSI
Walid Helou Array antennas in magnetic nuclear fusion and their modelling at the Ion Cyclotron Resonance Frequency
Wei Zhang ICRF induced edge plasma convection in ASDEX Upgrade
William Agnelo Gracias Dynamics of seeded filaments in tokamak edge plasma using TOKAM-3X
Xieyu NA Spectroscopic studies of highly ionized plasmas: statistical approach for atomic transitions calculations
Yangyang Zhang transport study of 3 sub-states in QSH regime on RFP
Zana Popovic Runaway Electron Dynamics and Critical Electric Field for Runaway Generation in the FTU Tokamak