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  • PhD Research prizes awarded at EPS 2018

PhD Research prizes awarded at EPS 2018

The Plasma Physics Division of the European Physical Society (EPS) grants up to four prizes annually to young scientists from the 38 European countries associated with the EPS, in recognition of truly outstanding research achievements associated with their PhD study in the broad field of plasma physics. 

The four winners of the 2018 edition of the PhD Research Award have been announced this week. Each winner receives a prize of one thousand euros, together with the opportunity to give an oral presentation at the 45th Annual EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, to be held in Prague in early July.

PhD student University Thesis topic
Matteo Falessi Roma Tre University Gyrokinetic theory for particle transport in fusion plasmas
Jack Hare Imperial College of London High energydensity magnetic reconnection experiments in colliding carbon plasma flows
Adrien Leblanc University of Paris- Saclay Plasma mirrors and plasma gratings under ultra-intense laser illumination: high-order harmonic generation, and relativistic electron beams
Wei Zhang Ghent University Plasma edge modelling with ICRF coupling

(One of the PhD award winners,Wei Zhang, is a PhD student at the FuseNet member Ghent University)

FuseNet congratulates all prize winners and their institutes for this achievement.