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Supported by FuseNet, both Wenling Dong and Uladzislava Yevarouskaya visited the 10th Festival de Théorie in Aix-en-Province. This year’s edition was all about phase dynamics, and both Wenling and Uladzislava would like to tell you something about their experiences!

“My warm thanks and report for the 10th Festival de Théorie! I feel so lucky that I got this opportunity to attend lectures in this 10th Festival de Théorie in Aix-en-Provence.

Through my work on tokamak dimensions design I was introduced to the current research in the field of fusion. Especially, after paper reading and times of discussion with professor Yanick, I understood a simple and comprehensive method to quantify the impact of scaling laws on tokamak dimensioning. Most importantly, through this wonderful activity I got a good idea of what nuclear fusion is and especially I feel like doing a Master’s internship and a PhD on nuclear fusion in the near future.

Moreover, thank you again for the opportunity to attend lectures and discussions to make my summer time productive and useful. I would like to introduce this wonderful activity to my friends from Europe and China who work in the fusion field!” – Wenling Dong

“This summer I was lucky to participate in the 10th Festival de Theorie «Phase Dynamics» which was held in the nice ancient town of Aix-en-Provence, situated in the south of France. The program of the festival was intense and included lectures, discussions and presentations on the latest interdisciplinary results of research, as well as including work on the research project. The course of lectures covered such topics as magnetic confinement fusion, astrophysics and geophysics and was conducted by leading experts from all around the world.

The Festival de Theory filled this summer with invaluable experience and gave me an opportunity to be involved in scientific research. Moreover, participation in such a forum allowed me to see how real science works. Both theoretical and practical aspects of the program of the festival contributed to my understanding of the challenges faced by scientists in the field of plasma physics, and also marked the path which I may decide to follow in my professional future, although this path is far from easy.” – Uladzislava Yevarouskaya