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GOMTRAIC was a 5 day hands on experience on the GOLEM tokamak. On Monday we first visited the tokamak. There we were given a brief explanation about GOLEM, it’s design and mode of operation. During the day, the leaders of the 5 groups gave an introduction on what each group will have to do. Each group was tasked with a main task. I was part of the turbulence measurements with the rake probe group .








On Tuesday we did some basic diagnostics measuring such as loop voltage, plasma current, etc. Later we had a short presentation on how to collect the measured data from the website. The tokamak can also be operated via the web. In the afternoon we started with our separate tasks. Since things were a bit chaotic, we didn't get to do our measuring until the very end of the day.

Next day we sat down to analyze the data collected. We encountered regarding the rake probe. It’s made of 16 probes, of which 12 can be conn-ected and the ion saturation voltage can be measured from. 3 of them didn't work properly and 2 of them would sometimes work, other times won't. In the end we got lucky enough to get a set of measurements, so we could make a radial profile. There were also some problems with overloading the voltage meter. We tried to solve this by rotating the probe. We also used the stabilization the designated team developed and achieved some good measurements.








We proceed to analyze the data, from which we could deduct, where the turbulences originated and gave a presentation on the fifth and final day.

- Anej Valic