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The aim of the event was to provide insight into various research areas in plasma physics through lectures, with particular regard to stellarator physics. In my opinion it fulfilled its purpose, I have a picture now about the open questions in theoretical and experimental fusion research.

Since I already do research in the field of experimental fusion plasmas, and I have some knowledge about that, I was more interested in computational plasma physics. Although, I learned much during the event that I did not know before, some lectures were too dense, it seemed like the lecturers tried to compress the material of a full university course into one presentation. Due to that fact, my impression is that some lectures were quite difficult to understand entirely. Maybe it would be better, if next year they try to cover a bit less material, but with more detail. However, these lectures gave a useful insight into their topics as well.

I always wanted to research stellarator physics, thus, this summer university was particularly useful for me. I recommend it to anyone, how would like to gain general knowledge about fusion research and plasma physics. It is also a great experience to get to know better researchers and students working on fusion plasmas.