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Valentin Gerenton - This summer school was a first for me. Thanks to this event, I was able to find out even more about fusion and research. I got an overview of what was currently possible with fusion but also what could be done around fusion and the importance of integrating AI to process large quantities of data when diagnosing plasma. I had the opportunity to talk to students from all over the world about fusion and their work. But I was also able to meet some great researchers who were able to make their research understandable by presenting it to us. All this has inspired me for the work I'm doing now, but also for my future.

Gabriele Grapow - Exploring Fusion's Future: My experience at PhDia Fusion 2023 Summer School

The PhDia Fusion 2023 Summer School on Artificial Intelligence Application for Plasma Diagnostic and Controlled Fusion, held in Niepołomice (Poland) from 19 to 23 June 2023, was an enriching and formative experience. As a master’s student of Nuclear Energy Engineering at La Sapienza University, Rome (Italy), I had the opportunity to participate in this event supported by Fusenet's funding.

During the summer school, I delivered the presentation “Control Oriented Modeling of the Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating and its interface with the Plasma Control System” based on my four-month internship at ITER.

The summer school provided a unique opportunity to explore various aspects of Fusion Energy Science and Technology. With experts from renowned institutions like ITER, JET, ENEA, DONES, DIFFER, W7-X, Asdex Upgrade, MIT, and IFJ PAN, I learned from diverse perspectives and research fields. This will help me making informed decisions about my future, hopefully with a Ph.D. specialization.

The lectures covered a wide range of topics of Fusion Energy.  The prominent theme throughout the school was the growing role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in plasma diagnostics and controlled fusion. The sessions on AI applications underscored the importance of being prepared for the forthcoming changes in technology. As AI continues to gain prominence, it is crucial to gain the necessary skills and knowledge. Equally important is developing robust infrastructures that can accommodate future upgrades.

Besides attending the presentations, the school was an opportunity to meet both other students and teachers, and to engage in fruitful discussions. The format of the school fostered an environment where students and teachers were peers. This approach allowed us to get knowledge from renowned experts and at the same time to present our work.

Attending the PhDia Fusion 2023 Summer School was a fundamental experience that expanded my knowledge, connected me with experts, and inspired my future in Fusion Energy research. I am grateful to Fusenet for their support. The immersive and engaging nature of the event will be crucial for my academic and professional path.