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First of all, I would like to thank Fusenet and Eurofusion for providing me with financial support during the summer school in Prague.

SUMTRAIC is an experimental SUMmer TRAIning Course in plasma physics in magnetic confinement fusion device (COMPASS tokamak) organized at the Institute of Plasma Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague (IPP CAS), Czech Republic.

The key activity of this summer school lays in the direct involvement of the participants in the processing and analysis of experimental data from the COMPASS tokamak. The COMPASS is one of the leading devices among smaller tokamaks in the world, with an experimental program focused on plasma-wall interaction, edge plasma physics, H- mode, and runaway electrons.

So, in case of my experience, I could access the COMPASS Data Base (CDB) and from these data, made a statistical analysis of ELMs. The programme started with introducing COMPASS and basic Python code for extracting raw data from CDB, afterwards other days of this summer school consisted of real data analysis experience. Through discussion with tutors and students, each group set a direction for the remaining schedule with a new topic that was not covered before. From the second day, we handled ELMs data from Li-Beam diagnostics with a statistical approach.

During the semester break, it was good to have additional new experiences, and it was a good experience to be able to discuss with the scientists in the field and met real data. Although I am a master student, I could freely exchange opinions on the topic, and because it was a new, previously untreated topic, the tutors also exchanged opinions, rather than giving fixed answers. This summer school ended with presenting 2-weeks work, and after the presentation, other people, not only the tutors of this programme, gave us feedback and opinions about each students topic.