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We had a fantastic week at the Branch Institute of IPP at Greifswald. During the day, we could deepen our knowledge of plasma physics, and in the evening, we could build valuable relationships with the other students. The classes were very informative, although I already was familiar with many of the topics (for example, the basics of fusion, collisionless and collisional motion of particles in plasma), but it was useful the freshen up my knowledge.

I found the lectures about maintaining plasma equilibrium in tokamaks and stellarators the most interesting. I also really liked the Megawatts and Marbles team game, which spectacularly taught us the changes and influencing factors of a country's daily energy consumption. During my BSc, I worked with data from the W7-X for 2 years, so I was really looking forward to seeing the machine live. I was surprised by the size of the device and how densely it is covered with diagnostics.

One afternoon we visited the Peenemunde museum during an excursion. I was very happy to see the rockets live and to be warned about how passion for science can blind people. That is why it is important to me that we develop safe nuclear energy in addition to fission. It was interesting to learn about people's history with plasma physics, their plans, which also inspired me. I also really want to do my PHD in fusion research.