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The “IPP summer university 2022” was not only an important moment of learning, but also of scientific and human growth.

The entire summer school was held in Greifswald, northern Germany, at an IPP research center.

I had the chance to attend some beautiful plasma physics lectures held by great scientists from the Max Planck Institut für Plasmaphysik and to visit the stellarator W7‐X which is one of the most amazing facilities I have ever seen. These lectures covered a wide range of topics in plasma physics and many of them focused on stellarator physics, a fascinating topic about which I knew very little before this summer school.

The point I most want to stress is that the real strength of this event, beyond the scientific growth it may have brought me, is the opportunity to create links between people who will one day work together to make nuclear fusion an economically viable energy source. In fact, the cooperation and the exchange of ideas between students was greatly encouraged through the activities organized by IPP.

I accommodated in a shared room (2 people) in the comfortable IPP guest house near the research center.

I am truly grateful to Fusenet for allowing me to participate in such an amazing event in the fascinating field of plasma physics.