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The internship took place at the EPFL campus. During this wonderful abroad experience I had the opportunity to learn a lot. Learning has touched many areas: from personal growth and independence to the improvement of the English language. Among the transversal skills acquired I also learned to deal with huge and complex codes and to tinker in the Linux environment. The thesis in its contents has been formative, since I came from an electrical engineering training. I took this opportunity to learn the basics of estimating and filtering and consolidating systems theory but also to acquire some plasma physics basics. I had the pleasure to be taught by experts in every fields, from plasma physics to control, who guided me in my work path with kindness and availability. I met many young people at SPC: PhDs, internship students or master’s students like me, with whom I stayed in touch. The campus was great, rich of cultural activities and spectacular public lessons. I am extremely grateful to Fusenet for supporting me in this incredible adventure.