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My internship at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Munich has been a precious moment of learning and personal growth. 

During my stay, I investigated the existence of the detachment cliff in ASDEX Upgrade both in L-mode and in H-mode. Detachment cliff is a peculiar transition to detachment state which could cause issues for the automatic control of the divertor detachment. 

Luckily, together with my Italian supervisor Prof. Marco Cavedon and my local one Prof. Matthias Bernert, we managed to perform five dedicated shots before AUG was shut down for vessel improvement. I could appreciate the complexity behind every single shot! 
The work environment is young and stimulating, there is large number of experts always ready to help and give you advice. I also wouldn’t have thought that there could be a cake contest during lunch break! The after-work life isn’t a negligible part of the experience: evenings, bike tours, hikes and climbing with friends have been half of the fun time! 

Thanks to the flexibility of the FuseNet funds, I could split my internship into two parts and 
be present at the last exam session at my home university.